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DEVONN 304G2 30 HP  Shown with optional Industrial tires and FEL300 Loader                                


DEVONN 304G2 30 HP  STD tires/ Rear Weights  and FEL300S loader   

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General Description

bulletHeavy Duty, 3630 lbs. utility tractor.
bullet30 HP on PTO -  2200 RPM  Engine (Dyno tested)
bullet4 Wheel Drive
bullet3 cylinder  Chang-Chai Diesel engine - Designed by Ricardo (England) -- ZN390TI - 1.8 litre, direct injection, liquid cooled, easy starting, smooth running
bullet LIVE PTO -2 stage clutch - (PTO turns while tractor is stopped by clutch pressed 1/2 way down. Push all the way down and everything is disengaged)
bullet8F - 8R synchromesh transmission (no grinding of gears) gives smooth shifting - not hydrostatic - will pull like a real tractor- Can be used to pull a steady heavy load
bulletSynchromesh shuttle gives 8 speed grind free forward-reverse shifting - declutch and shift
bulletGear shift levers are dash mounted to give lots of clutter free leg room
bulletROPS canopy and seat belt are standard equipment giving safety and shade
bulletHydrostatic power steering makes steering so easy anyone can drive this tractor.
bulletFlip up hood makes routine servicing easy.
bulletSignal lights, safety flashing lights, brake lights, dual rear work lights, hi-lo beam headlights, horn and SMV are all standard equipment
bullet4 rear SAE hydraulic couplers are standard
bullet8.5 GPM hydraulics
bulletCategory 1 - 3 point hitch (Which means any STD 3 PTH implements will work) - lifts 1000 lbs
bullet12V Manifold pre-heater for cool weather starting
bullet400 watt - 110 volt engine block heater
bulletSelectable 2 or 4 wheel drive
bulletDouble disc brakes with parking brake
bulletHand and foot throttle
bulletHeavy Duty Swinging Drawbar
bulletDry air filter
bulletDual rear work lights
bullet6.50 x 16 Front Tires
bullet11.2 x 24 Rear Tires
bulletTractor weight: 3630 lbs

Pricing (CDN $)    all prices plus GST

Description Options Price
Basic Tractor 304G2 
bulletZN390TI  3 cylinder diesel engine
bullet4 WD
bulletAG Tires - Front 6.50 x 16  Rear 11.2 x 24
bulletROPS guard + Canopy
bulletDual Rear Hydraulic SAE Couplers
bulletEngine block heater + Manifold pre-heater
bulletHD swinging drawbar
bulletCat 1 - 3 PTH
bulletLive 2 speed PTO  540 - 1000 RPM
bulletAG tires -Front  6.50 x 16 - Rear 11.2 x 24
304G2 AG N/A
bulletTRACTOR with heated CAB
304G2 CAB N/A
bulletFront end loader  - 1200 lb lift capacity  
bullet 60"  Self Leveling Bucket
bulletQuick Attach bucket
bulletRear wheels weights included
bulletBale/Pallet Fork with Quick Attach
PF21 $950

*Price may vary according to USD to CAD exchange

Contact: Ray Hillman



6-26222 Township Road 514
Woodbend Meadows
Devon, Alberta
T7Y 1C3
email: rhillman@airsurfer.ca
Mailing Address:
6-26222 Twp Rd 514
Spruce Grove, AB
T7Y 1C3

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